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April 15, 2011
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Why I hate Sakura

Sakura? Ugh. That kunoichi. I really hate her. I've been wanting to do this, ever since I start hating her. Anyway, it's because … :

Its because for- Oh. Wait. There, are, I think dozens of reasons but I'll give out some:


She often beats Naruto out, really. Like, after Naruto defeats Pein and returns to Konoha, Sakura's thanks is to punch him, and then call him reckless! But she hug him and said THANK YOU. But this what annoys me from there: PUNCH AND SAY RECKLESS?! That really bothers me, really, but couldn't she just say, Thank you, Naruto, and hug him for pete's sake?!  


I think this is my main reason; She goes to this side-this-and-this-side-that. You don't get me, I know that. Let me explain it to you; She goes to Naruto's side then Sasuke's then Naruto's, then Sasuke's, then Naruto's….
That does it! Wouldn't she'd be more satisfied if she only be on one side, like Naruto's, because that's the side that she should be on… Even I think, Sasuke tried to kill Sakura!


She always say like when there's a fight, like Sasuke vs. [insert a character], Sakura will always say Sasuke-kun! Oh yea! He's beating [ THE CHARACTER ]  into a pulp!
That bothers me… ☹ A LOT! ☹ ☹ ☹ AUGH!!!

And finally, REASON 4.

She teases Naruto a lot, like, Naruto the idiot, and Stupid  Naruto… she always call Naruto negative nicknames… ☹ Poor Naruto. ☹ He's my favorite character yet. ☹  

And the end. Those are my reasons, of why I hate Sakura…

Why i hate Sakuraby sasori231

Fan Art / Fan Fiction©2011-2014 sasori231
A fiction of why i hate Sakura Haruno... I just did this for fun, thus, i was bored. D:

Oh really. Those are my reasons.
*gasp* so true! Exactly what I thought!
Are you psychic?
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